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Can Laser Hair Removal Provide Long-Term Results for the Bikini Area?

Taren Jarvis, RN05/23/2024

Sensitive and prone to irritation, the bikini area greatly benefits from the precision of laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano® ICE laser system.


Rejuvenate Your Eyes with Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

Taren Jarvis, RN04/27/2024

Want a refreshed, youthful gaze? Explore how plasma skin tightening lifts and smooths wrinkles around your eyes.


Which Facial Areas Can Benefit Most from Dermal Filler Treatments?

Taren Jarvis, RN03/16/2024

Consider these popular treatment areas for facial fillers in Owensboro, KY to almost instantly refresh your look and boost your confidence.


What Kind of Scars Can be Improved with Plasma Skin Resurfacing?

Taren Jarvis, RN02/23/2024

Many skin imperfections and irregularities, including common types of scarring, can be significantly improved with plasma skin resurfacing.


Is Laser Hair Removal Safe and Effective for Facial Hair?

Taren Jarvis, RN01/14/2024

Modern laser hair removal treatments can tackle stubborn facial hair growth for a smooth complexion you can feel confident about.


How Long Can Swelling Last After Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment?

Taren Jarvis, RN12/20/2023

A helpful guide on what to expect after plasma skin tightening, including how long swelling and other side effects may last.


How Can Dermal Fillers Restore Facial Volume?

Taren Jarvis, RN11/12/2023

Discover how The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY, uses dermal fillers to restore facial volume and youthfulness.


Achieve Flawless-Looking Skin with Plasma Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Taren Jarvis, RN10/20/2023

Discover the magic of plasma skin resurfacing with Opus Plasma® at The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY.


What Are the Benefits of Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Taren Jarvis, RN09/16/2023

Shaving before laser hair removal at The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY enhances efficacy, ensures uniform results, and provides a comfortable experience.


September Newsletter

Taren Jarvis, RN09/04/2023

September Promotions are here!


Consider Plasma Skin Tightening to Treat Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Our Team08/13/2023

In Owensboro, KY, The Skin Lab uses Opus Plasma technology to offer plasma skin tightening as a nonsurgical solution for loose skin after weight loss.


Looking to Smooth Dynamic Wrinkles? Consider XEOMIN® Injections

Taren Jarvis, RN07/31/2023

Explore XEOMIN® injections at The Skin Lab, Owensboro, KY, for effective wrinkle reduction with Taren Jarvis, RN. Age-defying beauty awaits!


Can Stretch Marks be Reduced with Plasma Skin Resurfacing Treatments?

Our Team06/15/2023

Opus Plasma® skin resurfacing is a cutting-edge treatment offered at The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY that can improve the appearance of stretch marks.


What Will My Skin Look Like After Laser Hair Removal?

Our Team04/25/2023

Improve the smooth appearance of your skin with long-lasting results from laser hair removal.


Can Loose Neck Skin Be Firmed With Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment?

Our Team03/31/2023

Loose neck skin is a common problem as collagen production declines. Learn about Opus Plasma skin tightening treatment and how it works at our clinic.


Learn the Differences Between Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxers

Our Team02/27/2023

Cosmetic injections like dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers are an effective way to erase signs of aging. Learn about our anti-aging treatments here.


Three Skin Irregularities That Can be Improved With Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Our Team01/31/2023

Skin irregularities like dark spots and stretch marks can be embarrassing. Read about plasma skin resurfacing and how we improve your appearance.


Tired of Frequent Shaving? Consider Laser Hair Removal for Lasting Results

Our Team12/31/2022

Excess body hair can be a real nuisance and make you feel embarrassed. Learn the benefits of the Soprano ICE for safe and precise laser hair removal.


How Can Hanging Skin Caused by Weight Loss Get Firm?

Our Team11/30/2022

Attain a firmer, smoother complexion after weight loss with customized plasma skin tightening treatments.


Three Ways to Use Dermal Fillers for Anti-aging Benefits

Our Team10/30/2022

Dermal fillers provide a versatile solution for addressing many of the most common signs of facial aging.

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