Tired of Frequent Shaving? Consider Laser Hair Removal for Lasting Results

By: Our Team


Shaving is time-consuming and tedious, and it does not consistently deliver the results you want. Instead of frequent shaving, why not consider laser hair removal? The Skin Lab uses advanced technologies like the Soprano® ICE laser system to offer smoother skin with long-lasting outcomes.

Registered nurse Taren Jarvis can explain the benefits of laser treatment and let you know what to expect in terms of results. Call now to book a consultation in Owensboro, KY, and say goodbye to shaving!

Why shaving is not great for your skin

Shaving is the most common form of hair removal because it is inexpensive and easy to accomplish at home. However, it is the least effective way to remove body hair. Shaving can cause skin irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs that are painful and unsightly. Plus, it needs to be done regularly to maintain results.

Some people find shaving tiresome, and even if you don’t shave every day, it can still take a considerable amount of time. The process may also become more difficult as you age and have to contort into different positions to reach the desired areas. Laser hair removal removes these issues and makes it easier to feel good in your own skin.

How does laser hair removal work?

Shaving removes hair from the surface but does not stop the follicles from producing more hair. Laser treatment reaches deep into the skin to address hair below the surface. Our technology uses heat energy to disable the follicles, so they produce thinner, weaker hair over time. Some benefits of laser hair removal in Owensboro, KY:

  • Safe treatment: The Soprano ICE is FDA-cleared and uses a state-of-the-art cooling system to reduce your risk of burns.
  • Long-lasting outcomes: After multiple treatments, you can enjoy virtually hair-free skin for months at a time with little or no need for touch-ups.
  • No disruption to your lifestyle: Laser sessions are performed in our office with no downtime required afterward.

What areas can be treated with lasers?

Laser hair removal can address nearly any area where you experience unwanted body hair. Common sites include the face, arms, back, legs, chest, and armpits. Even intimate areas like the bikini line can be treated for a smoother and sleeker look. Registered nurse Taren Jarvis can review your goals and develop a customized plan for your unique needs.

Additional considerations for laser hair removal

At The Skin Lab, we recommend a series of laser treatments for optimal results. It depends on the size of the area being treated, but we generally recommend 3 – 5 sessions with the Soprano ICE over a period of 3 – 4 weeks. This allows the laser to target hair in all stages of the growth cycle.

Even after your appointments are completed, you may experience some hair regrowth. This is normal and should diminish over time with no additional sessions needed. Shaving is still an option for any residual hairs, but you will likely not experience the same frequency and volume as before.

Achieve virtually hair-free skin

Body hair does not have to be a burden. If you are ready to embrace smooth skin and put down the razor, call The Skin Lab to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal in Owensboro, KY. Our skin specialists are eager to help you achieve your cosmetic goals and leave behind the hassle of shaving.

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