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There may be several reasons why you no longer want your tattoo. Maybe it reminds you of a difficult memory or an individual who is no longer a part of your life. Maybe it has faded over time or just doesn't represent who you are. Despite the reason, advancements in tattoo removal technology have made it easier to lighten and potentially remove the undesired tattoo altogether. At The Skin Lab, our skin specialists offer laser tattoo removal. Our featured laser technology is known to yield better results than traditional tattoo removal technologies and may require fewer treatments. Call our practice in Owensboro, KY to schedule your consultation today.

Laser tattoo removal involves a series of sessions in order to fade the pigments in the skin or get rid of the tattoo completely. Because of the different types of inks used in tattoos, the number of treatments you need may vary. Your skin will also need to heal between appointments. Our laser has optimal wavelengths to target and break down the tattoo on your skin without damaging any of the healthy surrounding skin. We may provide a topical anesthetic to help minimize any discomfort. Once the session is complete, we will apply a topical ointment on the area and cover it with a bandage.

There is not anyone out there doing Botox better than Taren. Not only is she super smart and careful with what she is doing, she’s also kind, loving, and compassionate.

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Jennifer was AMAZING!! Very calming and friendly. It was my first time doing Botox. She walked me through the steps and I was so thankful for her making me feel so comfortable. I was referred to her and she definitely lived up to my expectations. I will be back for more services.

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Taren is always professional at each appointment. I love that she’s knowledgeable in all areas of aesthetics!

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Absolutely love the workers!! They are friendly, knowledgeable and did a amazing job on microneedling!! Seen results from procedure rapidly and looking forward to another session!!

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Excellent customer service

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A tattoo is often a gorgeous and mesmerizing symbol of our identity. But when we have a tattoo we don't like any longer, the thought of it being a permanent fixture on the body can be daunting. At The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY, we wish to provide a solution through laser tattoo removal. If you have unwanted ink you would like to get rid of, call to book a consultation with our skin specialists.

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How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The price of your tattoo removal will be based on the total of treatments required and the part of the body being targeted. Each patient's scenario is different, and certain patients require more treatments, while others will just require a few. At your private appointment, we will discuss the estimated cost of your tattoo removal and assist you in finding low-interest medical financing to make your laser tattoo removal more accessible.

Why do I need multiple laser tattoo removal sessions?

Size, color, position, and the length of time you've had the tattoo determine the number of sessions needed to sufficiently break down the ink color. During your first visit, your treatment strategy will be reviewed, and any concerns related to the amount of estimated treatments may be expressed then.

When will I notice results?

The outcomes and appearance of the tattoo differ between patients. After every tattoo removal session, you should see the design become lighter. Because of the various shades of inks utilized in body art, the final look and the amount of treatments can fluctuate. For most patients, several sessions will be required and are scheduled 2 – 4 weeks between.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.