Three Ways to Use Dermal Fillers for Anti-aging Benefits

By: Our Team


It’s hard to find another cosmetic treatment that is as versatile as dermal filler injections. From plumping up naturally thin features to restoring age-related volume loss, dermal fillers seem to do it all, making it easy to understand why more men and women each year are turning to filler injections to enhance their look. At The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY, registered nurse and aesthetic specialist Taren Jarvis offers a complete range of cosmetic injectables, including dermal fillers, to help patients achieve a more beautiful, youthful, desirable appearance virtually overnight without the risks and side effects associated with cosmetic surgery. Here, we’ll explore three of the most popular ways dermal filler injections are used for facial rejuvenation.

What are fillers?

Fillers, or dermal fillers, are cosmetic injectable products designed to make instant, natural-looking improvements to a person’s appearance without the need for incisions, scarring, or a lengthy recovery period. During treatment with fillers, patients will be kept comfortable with a topical anesthetic. Based on the patient’s particular concerns and goals, our team will strategically inject the fillers beneath the skin’s surface, making almost instantly visible improvements and enhancements to the treated features. On average, patients can expect their filler results to last for about 9 – 12 months.

How do fillers improve your look?

Three of the most popular applications for injectable dermal fillers are:

1. Restoring age-related volume loss

As we age, many of our facial features naturally lose some of their volume. The area under the eyes, the cheeks, and the lips are particularly susceptible to volume loss, which can significantly age a person’s look. With filler injections, volume can be almost instantly added to these areas, giving patients back their youthful fullness. Additionally, many fillers – like SCULPTRA® – actually stimulate the natural production of collagen, meaning the patient’s skin will continue to appear firmer and healthier over time.

2. Smoothing out lines and wrinkles

Static lines, wrinkles, and facial folds can be filled and smoothed with dermal filler injections, giving patients a fresh new look. Types of lines and wrinkles often treated with fillers include:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Lip lines
  • Smoker’s lines

3. Balancing facial proportions

Another use for dermal fillers is simply creating better harmony, balance, and proportion between the facial features. For example, a set-back chin, asymmetric nose, and weak jawline may be improved or corrected with fillers, giving patients a more balanced and desirable look.

For patients seeking a more complete transformation, a nonsurgical facelift with dermal fillers can help to address all of these concerns – and more – in a single treatment setting.

Should I get fillers or BOTOX®?

Many patients are surprised to learn that BOTOX and fillers aren’t interchangeable. Rather, each is designed for its own unique purpose. While fillers help to restore volume and fill static lines and wrinkles, BOTOX aims to smooth out dynamic wrinkles and lines, meaning those related to muscle movements and facial expressions. In many cases, a combination of BOTOX plus fillers offers the most compelling opportunity for facial rejuvenation, and Taren will help recommend a customized treatment plan that can best help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

Send your confidence soaring with injectable dermal fillers in Owensboro, KY

Whether you’re looking to add subtle volume to your lips or you’re hoping to take years off the clock, dermal fillers can help make many of the facial enhancements you desire. For more information on what results may be possible for you with dermal filler injections, call The Skin Lab in Owensboro, KY to schedule your private consultation with cosmetic injector Taren Jarvis, RN today.

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